Big Updates:V1.1.1 support copy as tailwind with media query and pseudo class!

Reduce your UI work into miniutes.

a browser extension helps you copy css from any website.

support copy code from website as React or Tailwind css components.

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copy css from website with cssPicker

copy css from any website

significantly speeding up your website building process

Inspect element css by hovering on the element

Instantly copy css code from website.


convert css to Tailwind css

convert html to JSX

copy as tailwind with media query and pseudo class

copy css inside iframe

copy css from iframe

who should use cssPick to copy css?

Frontend Developers

who want to get css code done in one second.

Indie Hackers

who want to build beautiful landing page by coping css from website template.


who want to copy css from website.


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Frequently Asked Questions

CSSPicker is a browser extension allows you to copy HTML with CSS and convert them into reusable code snippets in React, Vue, Tailwind CSS etc. It simplifies inspecting page elements and extracting clean code.
Install the CSSPicker extension, then simply click on any element on a webpage to copy its HTML and CSS. The code will be automatically converted into your preferred framework for easy pasting into your projects. You can copy css button, box shadows, and many other style with one click.
CSSPicker can output code in React, Tailwind CSS, plain CSS, and more. It converts HTML and CSS from any webpage into your desired format. The styling is automatically adapted to match your stack.
yes, CSSPicker can copy css and convert to tailwind, it also support copy media query and pseudo class.
Yes, CSSPicker can copy elements from any webpage built with any framework like React, Vue, WordPress etc. It extracts and converts the code behind any element into ui framework code as you like. Just click to copy!
Email me at I'am still working on CSSPicker. User feedback is crucial, so your suggestions help me improve the product.
It's not in the free plan.You should be a premium user to use it.Get a license keyhere
For sites using heavy JavaScript to generate content, CSSPicker grabs the final rendered HTML and CSS. Some tweaks may be needed if the content changes dynamically on interaction.
You can get a license here, after purchase you will receive an email with license key.Then click upgrade button on the panel which will show after click element with cssPicker.
If you want to get money back, please send a email to us within 14 days of your purchase and we will refund your
If you want to cancel subscription, please send a email to us and we will cancel
Yes, you can use free version of CSSPicker. The free version will allows you to copy element without children.If you want to copy element with children, try to get a license here.

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